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Rooftop Gardens, Green Walls & Green RoofsWhile flying over NYC and other metropolitan areas, the view may soon be very different.

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Go Green Help the environment gain LEED certification, and get tax credits.

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Rooftop / Green Roof Designers NYC & Long Island

Green Roof / Green Wall - Rooftop Landscape Design

For NYC - Long Island - Homes & Businesses

Lush gardens and distinctive elements such as pergolas, trellises, cooking and entertaining areas await you as Kokobo transforms any NYC rooftop into a luxurious retreat. After a one-on-one consultation, Kokobo's award winning design team will create a unique plan that incorporates both your goals and rooftop layout.

Rooftops are vastly underutilized spaces in the urban environment, yet it is possible for any landscape, plaza, or garden to be installed on a building or structure. In Europe, over the past thirty years, rooftops have become the focus of a quiet but steady revolution through the application of green roof technologies.

Your Sanctuary

No matter the challenging schematics of your particular roof, whether it is limited square footage or cumbersome utility units, Kokobo is ready to design and build your sanctuary.

Kokobo's designers work with homeowners, building owners, and property managers to offer New Yorkers a small piece of the country up in the sky. Since outdoor living space is such a commodity in Manhattan, residents and employees are thrilled when they have the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of day to day New York life by heading up to the roof. Our rooftop gardens are meant to compliment and extend your living space.