Vine Line: Architect Wants to Blanket West Side Highway in Leafy Trellises and Waterfalls

the vine lineLaurence Tamaccio’s tale is one that many New Yorkers will be able to relate to. The architect lives near Riverside Park South, which he feels is a generally aesthetically pleasing area except for the unsightly figure of the West Side Highway slicing between the neighborhood and the Hudson River.

Tamaccio has come up with a novel solution that he feels would turn the eyesore into a source of pride for the whole community. Called the Vine Line, the proposal entails blanketing the side of the highway with leafy vertical ivy gardens and waterfalls to unite it with the adjacent park.

Tamaccio is currently petitioning his neighborhood to get behind his vision. If you would like to see the Vine Line come to fruition, sign the petition here.

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