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2013 “Landscaper of the Year” Finalist

1 of 12 Companies recognized by Total Landscape Care Magazine

2013 Landscaper of the Year Finalist

2013 Landscaper of the Year Finalist

A great honor and achievement

I was extremely honored on behalf of kokobo greenscapes to be included in this wonderful program. To be considered as a finalist amongst over 2,500 nominated firms throughout the USA was truly wonderful for our company and a testament to our continuous drive to offer our clients the highest quality of service, knowledge, product, and of course unique, awe inspiring designs to enhance their outdoor spaces. I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful group of finalists on the cruise to the Bahamas last November and forged some wonderful friendships while learning a lot about the other finalist’s businesses and projects.
-Michael Madrash, Principal Designer

How it Works to be chosen:

“Every year, the Total Landscape Care editors choose the top 12 landscapers from across the country to be honored in our Landscaper of the Year program, presented by Case Construction Equipment. Some factors that affect our decision are the landscapers’ portfolio of work, services offered, business techniques, community involvement and what sets them apart from others in the industry.” Companies entering in this competition must submit a list of client references.

The chosen finalists are each featured in a full-length magazine article, along with photos of their projects. They also join Total Landscape Care staff on an all-expense-paid cruise to the Bahamas hosted by Case Construction Equipment where they can network with other landscapers, enjoy nightly gala events and relax on the sandy beaches.

Beside client references and photos of finished work, companies can submit photos and information about their facilities and employees, copies of company literature, training manuals or promotional campaigns, or anything else that convey the caliber of ones company to the Total Landscape Care editors.

Once the 12 finalist are picked, an editor visits each company, to see the personal side of the business. Last autumn, we at kokobo had a nice lunch including Michael’s homemade tomato soup on “our rooftop lunchroom” with an editor from TLC. He made it a point to visit with each of the designers as well as Michael and other key staff! After lunch, he and Michael were off to more site visits in NYC – both in progress and finished projects.

2013 Landscaper of the Year Finalist

2013 Landscaper of the Year Finalist

All at kokobo are very pleased to be honored by this selection and will continue our hard work to please our present and future clients.


kokobo greenscapes’ “BIG Move”

Our New Home

BIG Move

Last fall, kokobo greenscapes moved into a new home in Long Island City, right in the shadow of the 59th Street bridge.

It’s a great convenience and pleasure having all operations under 1 roof just minutes away from our Manhattan clients, and just 2 minutes from major thoroughfares accessing Long Island and Queens.

We occupy a spacious design studio on the 2nd floor of the 2 story building with large windows that face south, offering wonderful natural light. In the near future, 3 different living wall systems will be showcased in the design studio. This mini showcase will display the variety of green wall units that kokobo professionally installs and maintains, giving you, the client a better visual sense for future ideas and applications.

BIG Move

On the ground level, our loading bay, indoor parking, and work area is located with storage and staging space for planting and project preparations.

Our conference room comfortably seats 8-10 and has a large screen for reviewing projects and hosting client meetings is centrally located amongst the design studio and other offices.

BIG Move

And finally, the piece de resistance – the rooftop! Currently it offers incredible views of Manhattan, and for the future we have plans to install a terrace landscape showcase, which will feature choice selections of hardscape materials/applications, an outdoor kitchen, lounge and seating areas accented by green in the form of gardens with unique plantings. This rooftop will display our unbeatable craftsmanship and design talent.

BIG Move


The entire kokobo family!


Living Art: Vertical Gardens

A growing number of small urban spaces are creating landscaped gardens that stretch beyond floor pots, with greenery growing upwards along walls and fences.

This new trend toward ‘vertical gardens’ is renewing apartments, offices and restaurants inviting greenery to flourish in small spaces.

vertical garden

Vertical gardens, also referred as ‘eco walls’ or ‘green walls’, are bringing practical and aesthetic value to both domestic and commercial spaces. Along with their environmental benefits, plants and greenery can also improve air quality and promote health and wellness.

This sustainable form of architecture also supports the biophilia hypothesis, a suggestion that there is an innate connection between human beings and living systems.

According to Susan McCoy of the U.S. based trend-spotting Garden Media Group, this new generation of gardeners is composed of environmentally-conscious Gen X and Gen Y types who believe the power of plants and regard plants is “no longer a luxury, but a necessity for our lives.”

Plants can be arranged on the side of a building, on fences and walls both internally and externally. When placed strategically, vertical gardens make for great design features and are considered alternatives for wall art.

Walls and fences should be structurally strong to grow a vertical garden as they’re generally designed to be permanent structures. It is advised that professionals versed in engineering, design, building regulations, draining and horticulture be the ones to install them.

In terms of design, some organizations offer vegetated panels that can be attached or plants that can be placed in decorative containers in a grid-inspired format along the wall. Choosing vegetation for garden installation should be based on location and maintenance requirements.

For ease of maintenance, it is advisable to have a built-in irrigation system and a good drainage system nearby. Vertical gardens generally require self-watering irrigation systems, as manual hosing will result in water simply running into the ground. Hydroponic watering systems can also be installed to keep plants fed and fresh.

Installing a vertical garden inside is a great way to connect an interior space with nature. Interior greenery requires a little more attention as adequate lighting and ventilation may need to be installed. The wall and surrounding areas should also be waterproofed and actively kept dry.

Commercially, plants are being invited into offices, restaurants and high-end hotels.

“With most large offices having few windows and little natural light, insightful office managers often use plants to bring freshness and colour to the office environment, but the benefits go further than this. Research strongly suggests that plants can result in improved well-being among staff, increased productivity and improved air quality,” said UK psychologist Dr Craig Knight.

Covering a building wall can keep the wall insulated, alleviate pollution and provides a shield to the building materials from elements like the sun.

In New York, architect Laurence Tamaccio is proposing to cover the West Side Highway – the divider between Riverside Park South and the Hudson River – with a leafy vertical ivy garden and aligning waterfalls. He believes his Vine Line proposal will become a source of pride for the entire community and revamp the area aesthetically.

Near Milan, meanwhile, a shopping centre is claiming to have the biggest vertical garden in the world, with 1,263 square metres adorned with a total of 44,000 plants. It was designed by architect Francesco Bollani who said “it took us a year to grow the plants in a greenhouse and 90 days to build the facade.”

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Company Overview

kokobo greenscapeskokobo is a full-service exterior and interior landscape design/build/maintenance company specializing in unique and natural landscapes with custom-built hardscapes. Employing creative, passionate and knowledgeable individuals and partnering with the finest growers, nurseries and suppliers, kokobo provides its clients with a superior selection on services.

Passion, Creativity, and Vision

Launched in 2001, kokobo started from the back of a Honda Accord with a few rakes, a broom and plastic shovel in hand. By April of 2002, kokobo hired their first two full time employees, and by July leased their first office. In 2003, kokobo had grown to a multi division, full service company, which employed ten people. The year 2004 brought the addition of a sales office in Manhattan, two masons and a master carpenter. kokobo now employs over twenty individuals who all share the same passion, creativity, and vision for the company.

Award Winning Designs

kokobo has earned the reputation of completing award-winning designs on time and at or under budget. Whether it is a custom rooftop design, a residential property renovation, or exterior property maintenance, be assured that kokobo will bring its values of hard work, honesty and creativity to your project.