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Local 11 Forces a Change and a New Design is Created

West Village Rooftop Restoration

After 10 years of enjoying his rooftop overlooking the Hudson River a longtime client of ours found it necessary to sacrifice his terrace for 6 months due to the building’s need for Local 11 work. Local 11 is a law that was passed in 1998 requiring buildings above 6 stories to have regular inspections and repair work to their facades for the safety of pedestrians and owners below.

West Village Rooftop Restoration

Scaffolding, cables, and equipment require a 6 month period of non-use.

Our client’s outdoor space was the actual rooftop for the entire north side of the building and this meant tearing apart many of the built-in planters, removing plants, and key elements to make room for the scaffolding and equipment. What was initially a major inconvenience turned out to be a welcome opportunity for our client to bring the terrace’s design into a more modern, simplified, and clean aesthetic.

New Planters and Plants allow for more Furniture:

West Village Rooftop RestorationAll of the built-in Cedar planters were removed and brand new, colorful architectural fiberglass freestanding planters took their place.

Fresh plantings were added of different varieties highlighting the colorful containers as they grow vertically and spill over. Reducing the planted areas on the terrace allowed the incorporation of more furniture and more capability for entertaining, which the client had been longing for.

Simple and low-slung teak sofas, chair and coffee tables create an intimate sitting area while the existing chaise lounges have more room to breathe and a permanent location on the rooftop.

West Village Rooftop Restoration

An Entire Outdoor Living Space is Anchored by the Pergola:

The clear Cedar pergola from the original design was restored to its original honey color and all hardware was sanded and brought back to original finishes. Keeping the pergola was imperative to the client as it allowed the dining area to be kept in the same spot which offers unobstructed views of the Hudson River to the west and the Empire State Building to the north.

West Village Rooftop Restoration

West Village Rooftop RestorationNext to the dining area, custom cabinetry with a serving counter and storage below provides a perfect spot for staging food and cocktails while also providing protection from the elements for the client’s stereo controls and other electronics.

Lighting and Irrigation:

Existing lighting and irrigation systems were removed and replaced with brand new, state-of-the-art landscape lighting and drip irrigation systems. Whipping winds, shady spots, and blazing sun are all elements that are experienced on this rooftop and the new drip system allows for each plant to be watered at different rates and frequencies based on their unique needs throughout the space. A fully customized low-voltage lighting system provides a dramatic effect on the plants and hardscapes as the sun sets and the outdoor space is used into the night.

We look forward to a wonderful spring and thank you for your continued business and support!

– kokobo greenscapes…. Design, Build, Sustain


10 Hanover Square gets a complete rooftop renovation.

rooftop space nycThe owners of this high-end residential rental building in the Financial District became interested in designing a communal rooftop space and after a recommendation from their interior design firm BG International, contacted kokobo and the story begins! Upon the first site visit it became clear to the kokobo design team the improvements this rooftop space required in order to make a warm and friendly area to host the residents and their guests.

The Design Elements

Large, centrally-located electrical rooms and air conditioning units would need to be shielded from view due to their extremely imposing nature in a space walled in with prominent parapet walls. A unique and colorful steel scaffold-like structure circumnavigates the roof which supports the mobile window washing mechanism. kokobo felt the steel structure was out of the way enough and interesting in style that it should be incorporated and even highlighted in the new design. Finally, the entrance to the rooftop would need to be brightened and an imposing air conditioning vent structure overhead hidden from view. With these specific and design parameters kokobo set to work!

rooftop space nyc

Design Process

We chose to conceal and beautify the electrical rooms and air conditioning units with 12′ high IPE ‘Slot Walls’ which are essentially wall structures that enclose continuous slots of living wall panels in a decorative, geometric pattern and utilize minimal footprint space. This created a warm and attractive border enclosing the outdoor rooms and serve to stop the eye from taking in the rooftop utilities. The prominent parapet walls and red steel structure act as divisions of outdoor rooms and spaces with varying uses. The first space you come upon from the entrance is a living room with multiple sofas and comfy lounge chairs surrounding a custom coffee table with built in lighting for nighttime ambiance. Next to the living room is the sunning room filled with chaise lounges for individuals wishing to soak in the rays on those wonderfully sunny NYC days. In the corner of the communal roof top is the second living room with similar outfitting to the first, but on a much larger scale. The fourth space as you turn the corner of the rooftop is the dining area, set with multiple table and chair configurations for rooftop dining of any size or occasion. Finally we come to the last outdoor room next to the dining which is the outdoor kitchen. The large island includes 2 grills, 2 refrigerators, an ice maker, and ample storage space for multiple families or groups to serve and enjoy.

rooftop designers nyc

The outdoor rooms are further denoted by overhead trellis and pergola structures in IPE wood which warms the look of the parapet wall and provides an airy ceiling to allow sunlight to penetrate the rooms. A custom IPE and river rock soffit was designed to hide the prominent flashing along the base of the parapet wall and also conceals the electrical and irrigation supply running around the perimeter of the rooftop. The imposing air conditioning vent at the entrance is hidden by an IPE ceiling which stops the eye from seeing the vent but also provides enough air flow in and around the openings.

The darkness of the entrance has been brightened by adding light box planters with rich green ferns along the entrance walls that illuminate your view as soon as you step foot outside. A continuous band of light at the base of the surrounding IPE walls light the ground plane for easy navigation. Freestanding planters are sprinkled throughout the roof space to provide further softening of surrounding architecture and variety of foliage to be enjoyed. Stepping onto the communal rooftop has changed from loud and imposing utility structures, parapet walls, and steel structures to what is now warm and cozy nooks for tenants to enjoy a variety of sitting areas and amenities for any occasion, whether it’s sunning on a hot summer day or having drinks with friends after work, the space and features are amply provided.

rooftop designers nyc

Happy New Year and wishing you the absolute best for a wonderful 2014, from all of us at kokobo greenscapes!