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Kokobo takes home TWO GOLDS and a SILVER at the LINLA awards!!!

On the eve of the Olympics as team USA prepares to win lots of Gold & Silver medals in Sochi… kokobo takes home TWO GOLDS and SILVER at LINLA awards!!!

LINLA, the Long Island Nursery and Landscape Association, is a New York State professional association started in the early 1960’s.

kokobo wins big!

kokobo wins bigOur team happily accepted THREE awards; Two Gold and One Silver! kokobo’s submissions this year were in direct contrast to each other as one was a large rooftop in the financial district, one a suburban property on Long Island; and one a small backyard in Queens.



A petite backyard in Queens received a much needed makeover. After weeks of hard work the changes made to this humble backyard made a world of difference, almost unrecognizable from its previous state!

Queens Backyard Renovation


A Massapequa family with a love for traveling, desired renovations to their home influenced by two of their favorite destinations; One of them Thailand and the other Bali. The team worked diligently to make this limiting space a proper fusion of both places.

kokobo wins big


In New York City the newly designed and constructed communal rooftop, has made its way from loud and imposing utility structures to warm and cozy nooks. All of which can be enjoyed by the residents and their guests year round.

rooftop designers nyc

At the Banquet…..

Now, back to our “night out”. The evening was informative as well as fun. During the cocktail hour, we were able to view all the competitive portfolios with all the feedback from judges. As dinner was served, a wonderful slideshow and commentary was provided highlighting all of the winner’s projects with amazing before and after pictures as well as detailed construction pictures showing all of the challenges and intricate steps required to complete the incredible projects.

kokobo wins big

Construction and Production managers Mike Muscatello and Zachary Madarash with Michael Madarash-Principal Designer

“As always, this year’s LINLA awards dinner proved to be an amazing celebration of the top landscape designers and their projects in our region. With design firms, suppliers, vendors and installers present, it was a fantastic evening to review and recognize the different styles, budgets and materials that go into each award winning design. I was very proud to be a part of such projects and look forward to all the future designs that may be recognized as well. Can’t wait for next year!”

– Zach Madarash, Production Manager

kokobo wins big

Kokobo Designers Kaylin Rostron and Irena Romovacek with significant supplier Melissa Daniels

“It was another fun evening at the Milleridge Cottage and so great to see a fresh display of project types! We got to welcome a few new faces and names to the community who provided a different view and practice to the entries and the field of landscape design moving into 2014. It was an honor to be a part of the celebration and to be recognized.”

– Kaylin Rostron Senior Landscape Designer





Thanks for reading our exciting news and stay tuned for our next newsletter which will highlight new projects as spring time gets closer and closer!!!

Until then….

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kokobo greenscapes, inc.

Project: Sands Beach Club

Located in Atlantic Beach, with sweeping views of the sublime ocean and kaleidoscopic horizon, The Sands Beach Club is a gorgeous place for a sweet summer escape.

Jean Galle, one of our designers for this project, worked on completely transforming the two entry gardens at the valet entrance of the Club. To the right of the main entrance, we designed a raised planting bed with a stone wall that doubles as seating. Within the bed are exotic Alexander palms, tropical plants, and many types of lush, flowering perennials that offer guests a breezy and tropical environment as they arrive for their day at the beach. “Miami Beach, circa 1955 was the look we were going for,” says Galle.

Sands Beach Club

On the left of the entrance, we wanted to create a feeling of the dunes that are along the beach, with sea grasses placed in natural clusters and decorative evergreens and boulders. The look was complete.

Sands Beach Club

In addition to these raised plant beds, we placed sleek freestanding planters with large Birds of Paradise plants, and draping flowers throughout the valet area and flanking the entrance doors of the Club.

Sands Beach Club

“Imaginative and creative… kokobo always has a vision,” club owner Stu Yachnowitz expresses. “Through their creativity and imagination, they take their ideas and bring them to life. I needed a South Beach/Ibiza idea for my front entrance and in one week, the entire job was created and completed. Amazing company to work with.”

Sands Beach Club

Inside the building, tropical Dracaena plants were placed throughout the lobby, restaurant, and new lounge areas. “This subtle addition echoed the look from the valet area and complemented the minimalist decor perfectly,” says Galle.

Key West Projects: MARC Wall

Key West Projects- MARC WallThis past winter season, we constructed a vertical garden for the Monroe Association for ReMARCable Citizens (MARC), which is a community center that offers services to adults who have developmental disabilities. Their plant store on Seminary Street now has a 32 square foot green wall. The green wall features various kinds of plants, including white dianthus, that give a soft-toned yet kaleidoscopic and breathtaking view.

Key West Projects- MARC Wall

Key West Projects: Yndia Bakery

One of the biggest Key West projects we have delved into within the past year is the complete outdoor renovation of the beautiful Yndia Bakery. Our installations include a gorgeous orchid wall, as well as many other structures, such as a newly designed home for the Koi fish and a Coralina walkway. The project was finished early 2012.

Key West Projects- Yndia Bakery The Koi home was constructed with the use of native orchids and coral limestone. We used two granulate coral pieces to frame the new stream that spanned 20 feet of the property. To ensure that the stream flowed successfully, we used soil from the pond to form an elevation. In addition, we also misted pond muck and buttermilk so that moss would immediately grow. The Coralina walkway begins at the stream’s edge, where midnight guests can venerate the breathtaking waterfall, pond, and Koi as they trail down the path.

We enlisted our sustainability interests as we built a 72 square foot green wall that hangs majestically on the pool house. The orchid wall is exposed to the fitting balance of sunlight and shade, as well as automatic irrigation to insure optimal growth.

green wall

The landscape was originally built in the 1890’s and refurbished in the early 1990’s by Wesley Sizmore. Now it has been renovated again by us, and it is looking as beautiful as ever.

Key West Projects- Yndia Bakery

Key West Projects- Yndia Bakery

Key West Projects- Yndia Bakery