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Key West Projects: Yndia Bakery

One of the biggest Key West projects we have delved into within the past year is the complete outdoor renovation of the beautiful Yndia Bakery. Our installations include a gorgeous orchid wall, as well as many other structures, such as a newly designed home for the Koi fish and a Coralina walkway. The project was finished early 2012.

Key West Projects- Yndia Bakery The Koi home was constructed with the use of native orchids and coral limestone. We used two granulate coral pieces to frame the new stream that spanned 20 feet of the property. To ensure that the stream flowed successfully, we used soil from the pond to form an elevation. In addition, we also misted pond muck and buttermilk so that moss would immediately grow. The Coralina walkway begins at the stream’s edge, where midnight guests can venerate the breathtaking waterfall, pond, and Koi as they trail down the path.

We enlisted our sustainability interests as we built a 72 square foot green wall that hangs majestically on the pool house. The orchid wall is exposed to the fitting balance of sunlight and shade, as well as automatic irrigation to insure optimal growth.

green wall

The landscape was originally built in the 1890’s and refurbished in the early 1990’s by Wesley Sizmore. Now it has been renovated again by us, and it is looking as beautiful as ever.

Key West Projects- Yndia Bakery

Key West Projects- Yndia Bakery

Key West Projects- Yndia Bakery

Spreading Meaning of Sustainability to Key West

What is a green wall?

A green wall is essentially a wall that is blanketed with vegetation. It is often times hung on an exterior or interior wall of a building. Green walls are also known as bio-walls, living walls, or vertical gardens.

To create a green wall, plants are first placed into separate panels and acclimated to growing conditions in their cells. Irrigation pathways are installed into the panels, so plants are given the perfect amount of water. After the plants have grown, they are hung vertically to resemble a colorful bio-mural and thus unveiling the beauty that is a green wall.

Our projects in Key West include green wall constructions, as well as some of the many landscaping services we have to offer. Principal designer Michael Madarash kicked off the KW expansion by giving a seminar to the Key West Garden Club about green walls, which was attended by over 45 individuals and was very well received.


Attain LEED credits with us!

kokobo’s services can help clients attain LEED credits by using new as well as reclaimed building materials to install green roofs, green walls and the addition of interior plants. By earning LEED credits, a building will contribute towards improving air quality and mitigating air pollution as well as increasing the potential for better energy efficiency, storm water retention, fire prevention, and noise reduction. These changes may lead to an increase in good health and productivity. Additionally, because a building can become recognized for its innovation and the associated benefits, there would naturally follow a more successful marketing plan and potential for reducing operating costs.