Plants Maximize The Human Asset

PlantsIn addition to the obvious aesthetic value plants offer any environment, plants also provide numerous health benefits. In a two-year study conducted in 51 offices, basic health symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, sore throats, coughs and dry skin were reduced by 23% in the offices with plants.

In a similar study conducted by Dr. Virginia Lohr, of Washington State University, visual exposure to plant settings produced significant recovery from stress within five minutes while enhancing productivity by 12 percent.

Similar to a cup of coffee from your favorite café, professionally installed and maintained plants cost per employee; all from the natural boost in productivity and decrease in absenteeism.

The benefits of plants are not limited to the office. In homes, plants such as the Peace Lily can absorb benzene, which is found in detergents, gasoline, inks, plastic, and rubber products. All in all, plants contribute to creating environments that maximize the human asset.

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