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Project: Sands Beach Club

Located in Atlantic Beach, with sweeping views of the sublime ocean and kaleidoscopic horizon, The Sands Beach Club is a gorgeous place for a sweet summer escape.

Jean Galle, one of our designers for this project, worked on completely transforming the two entry gardens at the valet entrance of the Club. To the right of the main entrance, we designed a raised planting bed with a stone wall that doubles as seating. Within the bed are exotic Alexander palms, tropical plants, and many types of lush, flowering perennials that offer guests a breezy and tropical environment as they arrive for their day at the beach. “Miami Beach, circa 1955 was the look we were going for,” says Galle.

Sands Beach Club

On the left of the entrance, we wanted to create a feeling of the dunes that are along the beach, with sea grasses placed in natural clusters and decorative evergreens and boulders. The look was complete.

Sands Beach Club

In addition to these raised plant beds, we placed sleek freestanding planters with large Birds of Paradise plants, and draping flowers throughout the valet area and flanking the entrance doors of the Club.

Sands Beach Club

“Imaginative and creative… kokobo always has a vision,” club owner Stu Yachnowitz expresses. “Through their creativity and imagination, they take their ideas and bring them to life. I needed a South Beach/Ibiza idea for my front entrance and in one week, the entire job was created and completed. Amazing company to work with.”

Sands Beach Club

Inside the building, tropical Dracaena plants were placed throughout the lobby, restaurant, and new lounge areas. “This subtle addition echoed the look from the valet area and complemented the minimalist decor perfectly,” says Galle.

A Queens back yard is transformed into a secluded Oriental oasis:

Oriental Respite

Oriental Respite

In the newly created backyard custom cedar trellises reflect the textures and patterns found in a Japanese garden. Fine latticework replicates the framework of Oriental screens. The entrance to the backyard was formerly a driveway, which was replaced with stained concrete to match the subdued tones of the landscape. This area still allows for access to the existing garage/shed and doubles as an entertaining space.

Oriental RespiteA Japanese style entry arbor frames a stunning view of the garden and invites the user in. Stepping stones set in Irish moss lead to a representational “sea” of gravel replete with decorative boulders. The focal point of the gravel bed is a boulder waterfall framed with finely textured plantings and located over a pond-less waterfall system. The sound of trickling water not only soothes but also helps to drown out any unwelcome neighborhood noise.

Using a stone mixture of 70% crushed granite, 10% coarse sand and 20% crushed bluestone dust the ‘sea’ of gravel can be raked and hold designs as in a traditional Japanese rock garden. Within the garden a small pergola, complete with low chairs was designed for sitting and contemplation. A stone bench positioned at the terminal point of the stepping stone path permits views of the garden from the opposite direction.

Oriental Respite

The restored and elevated deck is outfitted with vertical trellises that screen the deck from the outside and afford overall views of the garden. Upon completion, it was, as Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi has said “an immaculate universe, swept clean.”

“One of the luxuries afforded to the landscape designer (when we succeed) is to sit back in the space we have created and bask (momentarily, before the next job) in the environment we have wrought into existence. If synergistic energies have truly been brought into play, the finished environment will be more than the sum of its parts. Our clients were able continue their close ties and associations in the neighborhood yet step into their backyard and remove themselves to an oasis of contemplation a culture and a world away.

We are looking forward to another award winning year. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance with your landscape needs!!”

Remember….it’s “EASY” being GREEN!!

Michael J. Madarash
Principal Designer-kokobo greenscapes, inc.

Urban Rooftop Garden

An urban terrace becomes an outdoor living and entertainment area.

Urban Rooftop Garden

Urban Rooftop GardenMirroring the urban geometry that surrounds the terrace, the design implements colors and shapes that appear repeatedly in the urban environment. To further define these areas the central living area and small seating area were raised on synthetic wood decking to break the space up into rooms. It included a large sectional sofa and a remotely operated fire pit. A weather proofed entertainment area houses a flat screen TV on a remote lift system. The dining area shares the small kitchen with a built-in grill and bar, which is adjacent to the raised seating area at the west end of the terrace.

The plantings provide separation from the city and define the entertainment areas. Chosen for their color, shape and textures the plantings accent, soften, and harmonize with the modern furnishings.

Urban Rooftop Garden

Tall arborvitaes on the east side of the terrace were chosen for their height and immediate screening from the neighboring buildings. The neutral tones of pavers, synthetic wood decking and planters were well served by employing plants of decidedly red and green hues to provide a counterpoint in this most contemporary of open spaces. The selection and location of the plants enabled the space to “serve two masters” by providing lines of sight to the surrounding cityscape, and afford an intimacy of scale that balances the macrocosm against the microcosm.

Expanding NYC Residents’ Access to Green Space

An Urban Park By Mr. Peanut

Expanding NYC Residents' Access to Green Space

As part of Planters Peanuts ‘Naturally Remarkable’ Program, kokobo greenscapes, in association with Ken Smith Landscape Architect, helped realize the New York Planters Grove, a new public garden space located at Lillian Wald Houses, a New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) community. The Lower East Side development is home to a rich history of service and social reform, by creating widely accepted models of public health and social service that still exist today.

kokobo greenscapes, inc. partnered with Green City Force-a respected New York City Youth Service Corps program-and community volunteers to construct this sustainably rich park for the Lillian Wald community.

The Planters Grove provides NYCHA residents and families with more than 8,000 square feet of open green space – a neighborhood that has been cited by ‘New Yorkers for Parks’ as lacking adequate open space, will now have expanded access to parkland. Planters Grove also furthers New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s PlaNYC goal of creating more accessible open space citywide and ensuring every New Yorker lives within a 10-minute walk from a park.

Expanding NYC Residents' Access to Green SpacePlanters Grove, located at Avenue D and 5th Avenue contains several unique elements:

  • A rain garden collects storm water excess and allows it to soak into the ground, reducing the amount of runoff flowing into nearby surface waters and storm drains.
  • Wood pillars outline the park’s peanut-shape and act as trellis structures for a variety of climbing plants.
  • New native flowers and plants replace 30 yards of concrete, brick and debris from the site and attract birds and butterflies year-round.
  • Several benches are located throughout the park providing seating for elderly patrons and families.
  • Educational signs dot the park connecting visitors to nature and their surroundings.

The New York Planters Grove was created in partnership with The Corps Network – the national organization promoting and advocating for Service and Conservation Corps across the U.S. Members of Green City Force, a New York City-based corps program providing 30 NYCHA youth with green-collar job training, led the construction efforts and will care for the park with the help of NYCHA residents.

Expanding NYC Residents' Access to Green Space

New York Planters Grove was borne from a spirit of improving the lives of others and will be a center of community service and engagement, continued learning and neighborhood renewal for years to come.

We are looking forward to another awesome year! Please let us know if we can assist in any of your landscape design & build needs.


Kaylin Rostron

Senior Landscape Designer & Creative Director – kokobo greenscapes, inc.