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Rooftop Gardens, Green Walls & Green RoofsWhile flying over NYC and other metropolitan areas, the view may soon be very different.

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Go Green Help the environment gain LEED certification, and get tax credits.

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Kokobo Greenscapes Credentials

In a quest to provide its clients with the best possible services, Kokobo selects its staff carefully. Participating in Green Industry events such as PLANET’s “Student Career Days and Career Fairs” (where the top graduating students from the top universities compete against each other and display their knowledge and experience to potential employers) allow Kokobo to select from among the best. Whether it is a full time staff member or assisting interns Kokobo guarantees you will be working with the best!

Employees of Kokobo hold Bachelor’s and Associates Degrees in the following categories:

Horticulture & Agronomy

Landscape Architecture and Design

Construction & Landscape Management

Structural Engineering

Environmental Sciences of Ecosystems

Turfgrass Management and Agronomy