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Rooftop Gardens, Green Walls & Green RoofsWhile flying over NYC and other metropolitan areas, the view may soon be very different.

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Greenscape Trends

With 75% of most cities covered by buildings, sidewalks and parking lots it is no wonder that all things green have become popular. The rooftop garden craze has been present in Europe for some time, with 10% of flat roofs in Germany and 12% in Switzerland now having gardens. It has only been within the past ten years that the many benefits of rooftop gardens has reached the U.S. and become popular architectural elements.

Rooftop Gardens

The benefits include:

Moderation of temperatures, improved air quality, reduced storm-water runoff, creation of habitat for birds and butterflies, and a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of daily city life. The benefits are most clearly visible during the summer months when air conditioning costs that normally sky rocket are reduced due to the plants ability to decrease rooftop temperatures by as much as five degrees.

In other supporting studies, scientists at Harvard University over the past few years have been studying biophilia, "the love of nature." The studies, which are still in the early phases, are looking at why people feel most at peace when walking on the beach, hiking in parks and admiring the sunset.