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Landscape Design Process

The planning stage is arguably the most important phase of the entire project. Kokobo designers will meet with you at your property, facility, office, or home during an initial consultation.

Stage One:

During this meeting your goals and expectations for your property will be addressed, initial site-data will be collected, timeframes will be discussed and a cost of the design will be verbally presented.

Once information has been collected, surveys are read and building management and town boards are contacted in order to make sure all elements of the project are in compliance with the policies and rules of the project location. Also, an engineer may visit the site in order to assess drainage and structural requirements, and/or necessary alterations.

When necessary, a project manager will then visit the property and obtain elevation measurements, drainage requirements, photographs, and any other relevant data needed to properly plan for the project. During this time period, the head designer will be outlining the project’s phases, preparing the initial budget and briefing key individuals who will later play a major role.

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