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Rooftop Gardens, Green Walls & Green RoofsWhile flying over NYC and other metropolitan areas, the view may soon be very different.

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Go Green Help the environment gain LEED certification, and get tax credits.

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Landscape Lighting Design New York City (NYC) & Long Island

Landscape Lighting Design

For NYC - Long Island - Homes & Businesses

Once sunset turns to night it is time for your rooftop landscape to come to life. A properly designed low voltage lighting system can enhance your property and expand the amount of time you are able to use and enjoy it. Kokobo's lighting design team has extensive knowledge of horticulture which in turn will match the proper fixtures, light levels, and light intensities with plant material so that colors and textures are maximized.

Accent and Compliment

Utilizing finely crafted light fixtures and components from the top manufacturers in the world we are able to offer our clients a wide variety of shapes, textures, and finishes for their systems. Also available are custom additions such as motion sensors, photoelectric on/off switched, security lights, underwater lights, remote-control operation, and manual switched to specifically control zones and effects of light.

Award winning NYC landscape design and extensive knowledge and experience is something our installation team is proud to exhibit. Techniques and components are utilized to keep out moisture, adapt to the changing size of a growing plant or tree, highlight a specific portion of an exotic specimen, or capture the flow of water over a cavernous rock formation.